Finixio Acquires FX Media Outlet

52, an FX industry media outlet, has been acquired by Finixio that runs a network of comparison brands, Yohay Elam, the Founder of Forex Crunch, told FortuneZ.

Founded in 2009, the website was launched in the wake of the Great Recession and it went through the euro-debt crisis, along with a few other key macroeconomic events. Over the years, ForexCrunch established itself as one of the popular platforms offering news, analysis and opinions to traders.

In addition, the website evolved and added a variety of content types, including audio, video and even tools for traders.

“It is time to move on,” Elam said in a statement. “I am happy to see that the foreign exchange hub I enjoyed building over the years is now in capable hands and will receive the fresh boost it deserves.”

Elam is currently working with FXStreet as a Senior Financial Analyst.

Expansion of Network

Finixo runs a network of more than 15 comparison brands that span across personal finance, cryptocurrency and the trading industry. The addition of Forex Crunch to its portfolio will expand the company’s push to enhance its content in the forex industry.

The new owner is planning to revamp Forex Crunch in the coming months. However, the announcement did not detail the plans.

“ is one of the most well-known brands in the Forex space. We look forward to relaunching the site and building upon the great foundation that Yohay has left for it. This will include additional Forex news, price predictions and analysis, and guides for traders,” Finixio CEO, Adam Grunwerg, said.

“Finixio will undoubtedly maintain the site’s unique voice while taking it to the next level,” Elam added.

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