Worlds Fastest Crypto Wallet for Your Assets, Go9Tro wallet

Store and Trade crypto at any time, from anywhere. Have full control over assets. Remain anonymous. Manage your assets in a responsive and user-friendly interface

Go9Tro is a global crypto wallet training app that provides a variety of educational resources, for the newcomers looking to invest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain based projects on an ongoing basis in a safe, independent, and private decentralized manner. Go9Tro Wallet is simply a category killer as an opinion to other crypto wallets with limited abilities. Go9Tro Wallet is an unstoppable wallet, where user private keys are decentralized, and never stored on user devices. This will be the worlds first smart contract community wallet. The first quarter deployment focus will be on the Speed of install and simple use of the go9tro Wallet. The Go9Tro network is building a next generation model for smartphone services (M-Commerce 4.0) which is based on Blockchain technology, mobile devices, and decentralize key access data points.

Our unique marketing proposition (UMP) in the crypto wallet market is our use of Blockchain Academy training technology combined with key data secured technologies with a focus on smartphones. We plan to not only provide education solution but also bring wireless MESH technologies (decentralized wireless infrastructure) into the markets we are aiming for in Africa, Asia, and South America.

Go9Tro Wallet is a secure, open source, decentralized and anonymous mobile wallet application for storing all blockchain cryptos including EOS and Binance technologies. November 5 2020 is the official launch date for go9Tro Wallet.

The wallet has built in decentralized security measures for user. go9Tro has guidelines which it will never access user wallets, hold private keys, and ask for personal information.

The wallet created through a smart contract crowdfunding platform as Project 1 for its member community. There are only two to three major crypto wallets globally representing less 12 Million downloads and installs. So, the market is ripe for a new and improved Zero Risk Factors, Immutable, Instant Peer-To-Peer Payments, Affordable to The Masses (FREE), Transparency and Anonymity, Simple & Duplicatable, Fast Download and Install set-up.

Summary Conclusion:

  • GO9TRO WALLET liberalizes mobile users to the blockchain global decentralized economy.
  • GO9TRO WALLET unites a smartcontract community of users and enables them to easily buy, sell, cryptocurrency worldwide.
  • The GO9TRO WALLET smartcontract community will be able to crowdfund projects through smartphones worldwide as combined collective buying power to support Non-Profits and partnerships.
  • GO9TRO WALLET provides the value of g9Tro tokens based on wallet distribution, media revenue profits, wireless mesh networks profits and other services to be announced.
  • GO9TRO WALLET will be a community driven educational platform to increase the usage of all blockchain based technologies to help the 3 Billion Non-banked people in the world which represents $380 Billion dollars outside the global economy as of today.

The GO9TRO WALLET launch and scale-up is driven in three phases: GO9TRO community of 1 Million smartcontract members will download and promote go9Tro Wallet as Ultimate solutions for storing cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency global press release on all major Blockchain publications. Register g9Tro Tokens on centralized exchanges like coinmarketcap and coingecko last part of 2020 early 2021. Based on the number of download the token will reflect the market value and market cap of g9Tro tokens. website will go Live in Nov 2020. Stay tuned for more updates