A Brief Introduction of Lasercoin (LZR) for Investors

What is Lasercoin (LZR)? 
Lasercoin is a digital decentralised currency based on the Ethereum blockchain. LZR makes it possible to receive and send money worldwide inexpensively with low transaction fees, connecting worldwide in the most secure and transparent way. 

Lasercoin Roadmap
Lasercoin started its technical work in March 2020 and listed on the crypto exchange in June 2020. The first phase of LZR pre sale starts from September 2020 to December 2020. In addition, LZR can be bought and sold at ATMs in over 20 countries in September 2021. More payment API will be integrated on gaming portals in December 2021. 

How to buy Lasercoin
In the next 3 pre-sale phases you have the unique opportunity to buy Lasercoin at very low prices. Interested parties can buy Lasercoin with the following cryptocurrencies that are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, and Litecoin on https://lasercoin.io/ or https://www.saturn.network/exchange. By purchasing the Lasercoin (ERC20 token) you participate in the worldwide sales of the Lasercoin project.

How to use Lasercoin
LZR holders are able to send or receive LZR worldwide via Wallet and ATM, pay at online transactions with LZR, and trade LZR for other cryptocurrencies via its own desktop wallet, laser Wallet App (coming soon in December 2020), or other decentralized trading platforms. The usability of LZR makes it more attractive to own.