What Desire Finance May Mean For DeFi’s Future

The upcoming Desire Finance DeFi creation platform is almost here and after it officially launches, established players in the space could be in big trouble down the road. If you look at an existing yield farming or staking platform, you’ll notice that there are some extreme limitations on what you can actually accomplish other than watch your computer screen for hours on end in the hopes of making massive gains. While the profits to be had are rather impressive, users in the DeFi space need something more down the road.

Desire Finance has a new DeFi product launcher that is due for a big release in November and it may change what most of the users in the DeFi space are currently doing. With Desire’s launcher, users will be able to launch their very own yield farming operations as well as their own domain if they lock enough DESIRE tokens. This may sound unsustainable, but with only 21,000 DESIRE tokens in circulation, the cost to having a successful yield farming operation on the Desire network won’t be cheap.

We predict that in about a year, both new and veteran users in the DeFi space will still be yield farming and staking their tokens just like they are right now. The only difference is that veteran users will have their own custom yield farming operations that they can advertise to all the newcomers in the space. Many of these yield farming operations will fail but at the same time, we expect many of them to succeed along with the DESIRE token itself which could very easily see a $1B market capital before the year 2022.

The world of DeFi is going to drastically change over the next few years and product launchers like Desire are the first step to bringing the tech to the mainstream market. While Desire will eventually have strong competition, we expect Desire to coexist nicely with all other options out there. In order for DeFi to truly succeed beyond the year 2022, we need to see cross-chain capabilities. We’ve already seen TRON take advantage of some of the DeFi hype lately but there’s still a very limited amount of options out there. Desire Finance is working on adding Polkadot/Moonbeam integration which will allow users to deploy a DeFi product on any blockchain they desire without the limitations of Ethereum. While the DESIRE token will still always sit on Ethereum, future products may exist on parachains which is a natural evolution.

We expect Desire Finance to bring about a massive change to how much of the DeFi world works between when it launches and the year 2023 or so. We expect the term DeFi to also stand for Desire Finance itself in some conversations. While there may be some form of monopoly for a few months, competition will come strong and fast. Nonetheless, we still think the DESIRE token is going to be one of the biggest yield farming tokens of 2021 and we couldn’t be happier. Decentralized Finance has an incredible future and we’re witnessing history in the making.