Honos coin, the world’s first loyalty and reward token

09/09/2020: Clifton, New Jersey: Honos Coin today announced it’s ICO raise event, with a 30% bonus for investors for the first 30 days. Honos Coin, is using 1934 securities exchange act, amended Crowdfund Act of 2011, signed by President Obama. The total coins, which will be sold in ICO stage, were raising $1 Mil USD.  Honos coin is KYC, AML and GDPR compliant.

This round of funding will help Honos coin, launch coin on exchanges, develop full technology features, hire key team, develop full platform for business and consumers. With participation from investors from USA, Thailand, Philippines, etc.

“Honos coin aims to disrupt the Merchant services and rewards market, by having a strong value proposition, and economic model of a stable coin, solving a major problem business for customer loyalty” says Fred Valencia, Investor at Honos Coin.”

“Honos Coin is the future of consumers spending. Most Crypto coins, focus on the technology aspect of the coin. But Honos Coin, offers real solutions to both consumers and business. With added security, user friendly features, and less volatility” says Richard Encarnacion, CEO at Honos Coin.

This round of funding will launch Honos coin into the market. Honos will be able to place the coin into Crypto exchanges & expand the team. Specifically, the areas that the company will focus on are:

  • Full technology token capable of delivering rewards for users, and loyalty programs for business.
  • Address the security concern with dual-trust, which builds upon the trust-less system, and peer to peer exchange to peer to merchant. By providing an additional layer of security.
  • Improve consumer, user experience by making it easier to use Crypto currency.

Honos has build a test token, contacted key business to integrate coin into their operations. Honos has also contacted various Crypto exchanges for potential entry, once the token is finalized.

About Company: Honos coin aims to build a stable coin with utility features for the Crypto market to reduce volatility and improve purchasing power parity (PPP).

Josue M. E, VP of Honos Coin.
Honos Officium Management LLC