Square Enix Methods Gamers with Shady Kingdom Hearts Bait & Switch

  • A new marketing campaign has been declared for the Kingdom Hearts Union χ app.
  • Irrespective of being included in the app, Square Enix promises this is an completely “new” game.
  • If this is a single of the new games that we ended up promised, then the long run of Kingdom Hearts is bleak.

The web was abuzz following Square Enix declared that two new studios would make Kingdom Hearts games. Quite a few longtime enthusiasts ended up cynical about the entire point, and it turns out our skepticism was completely justified.

Nowadays we figured out that at least a single of these “new” games is just a marketing campaign for Kingdom Hearts Union χ. That’s right. It is not even its own app it is just a “stand-alone” marketing campaign in an currently current app.

“Dark Road” is just a new marketing campaign, not a new game. | Source: Square Enix

If This Is the Potential of Kingdom Hearts, You Can Depend Me Out

This is the inevitable result of prostituting Kingdom Hearts out to the cellular gaming industry. We all understood that Square Enix wouldn’t ignore the greenback signals in their eyes for extensive.

Irrespective of Darkish Road being a “new” game, it seems like the builders have in essence taken the card method from Chain of Memories and included it to Union χ.

Source: Twitter

This appears to be like it may basically be the lowest-hard work funds get Square Enix have at any time tried. At least All the Bravest demanded them to make a entire app.

This is, at very best, a reskin.

Kingdom Hearts justifies much better. At this point, I really do not even treatment that they’re continuing the sequence. I just want they’d make something more important than a pitiful cellular marketing campaign.

Square Enix Puts a Storied Franchise Via the Wringer

It appears to be like Square Enix is identified to wring just about every very last drop of funds they can out of Kingdom Hearts.

They’d much better delight in it although it lasts. If this is the caliber of game they plan on presenting in the long run, then they can wave the franchise’s believability goodbye.

Not that it’ll probably make any difference. Square Enix probably tends to make a mint on cellular games like Union χ. It is a no-brainer for them to continue to keep pumping out this kind of incredibly hot garbage.

I’m commencing to think that this is a elementary legislation of the gaming universe. All cash-hungry publishers invariably development in direction of cellular trash.

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Last modified: February 19, 2020 2:55 PM UTC