Rose McGowan Just Uncovered Natalie Portman for the Fraud She Is

  • Natalie Portman wore a gown embroidered with the names of woman directors who had been snubbed by the Oscars.
  • Actress Rose McGowan posted a lengthy diatribe on her Facebook account, contacting Portman out as a fraud.
  • Neither McGowan or Portman arrive out of this situation smelling of roses, but McGowan is right.

Natalie Portman in all probability thought she was creating a courageous statement when she trotted out at the Oscars wearing a gown embroidered with the names of snubbed woman directors. I question she predicted the blowback that she bought from Rose McGowan.

The fact is that Natalie Portman is the past person to be banging the drum on woman director illustration at any awards ceremony.

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Natalie Portman plays the element of an activist incredibly well

As Rose McGowan pointed out in her Facebook publish, Natalie Portman plays the element of an activist incredibly well.

Sadly, she isn’t on your own.

It’s extended grow to be the “in-thing” to have a lead to that you can bleat on about every time anyone sticks a digicam or a microphone in your encounter. If you really do not have a lead to you’re fighting for, then you’re deemed passé.

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As Rose McGowan suggests, actions speak louder than phrases

Natalie Portman owns a output business. McGowan was quick to point out just how numerous woman directors have been hired by that business: a single.

Natalie, you have labored with two woman directors in your incredibly extended vocation- a single of them was you. You have a output business that has hired just a single woman director- you.

I have no problem with that. I’m a firm believer in choosing the best person for the career irrespective of race or sex. If the desirable directors available at the time did not include things like a woman, then which is fine. No hurt, no foul.

But really do not make a political statement about the plight of woman directors when you’re not choosing them possibly. That is just leaving oneself open to ridicule.

Portman’s stunt backfired hilariously

There’s no question that Natalie Portman considered she’d be the communicate of the Oscars for creating a stand. Her perseverance to offering a voice to the numerous silenced woman directors in the movie business would make optimistic headlines, right?


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I usually really do not have a great deal faith in the Twitter population in general, but a surprising range seem to have observed by way of Natalie Portman’s shenanigans.

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For most of these Hollywood stars, A-listers or if not, there is a single riding concern they all share. Themselves.

They can costume up their most current marketing campaigns and PR stunts as becoming about other people, but they incredibly rarely are.

Rose McGowan, an actress and activist herself, sums it up properly when she suggests:

I am singling you out mainly because you are the most current in a extended line of actresses who are performing the element of a lady who cares about other women. Actresses who supposedly stand for women, but in actuality, do not do a great deal at all. Of program, women in the earth will retain getting the perfumes you boost, the videos you make, and assume they are getting into who you are.

Melt away.

I really do not assume the Oscars turned out quite as Natalie Portman had hoped. Again to the Dior-branded drawing board.

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