Medievil 2 Remake Sounds Good But Below Are Far Superior PlayStation 1 Classics

  • Medievil may well not have offered too properly, but the game’s sequel appears to be obtaining a remake.
  • Some cryptic tweets from the game’s composer have got persons declaring the sequel is coming.
  • As very good as Medievil 2 was, there are lots of game titles out there additional deserving. Below are just 3 of them.

MediEvil was a typical PS1 game, and it got a somewhat decent remake. But, it did not provide as properly as the other PS1 remakes of the past handful of many years. So you may well visualize some people’s shock that a Medievil 2 remake was in fact heading to come about.

If some cryptic tweets from the game’s composer, Andrew Barnabas, are everything to go by[Twitter], we ought to get Medievil 2 more rapidly than we think.

As fantastic a piece of news as that is, it certainly helps make you think of some of the other PS1 titles which are deserving of a remake. So in this article are 3 critically underrated PS1 game titles that really will need to make a comeback.

Medievil was seemingly preferred adequate to warrant its sequel currently being remade. So if Medievil 2 is obtaining remade, why not some of these other fantastic PS1 game titles. | Source: PlayStation

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

If you have never skilled Soul Reaver then you are missing out. Medievil 2 may well have experienced a dim aesthetic, but it was all round rather goofy. Soul Reaver goes entire gothic. It is a plot of betrayal, revenge, mutants, and vampires.

This motion-experience game was at first manufactured by Crystal Dynamics. It tells the tale of Raziel, a vampire betrayed by his grasp and still left for useless. Revived 1000s of many years later on he arrives house to locate his brothers mutated beyond recognition and his environment in tatters.

Even when upscaled the PS1 game appears to be like a little bit like an epic fantasy story advised by way of the medium of papercraft collectible figurines. | Source: YouTube

Of course, he goes to consider and get revenge towards his grasp and brothers. It is an experience game in the purest feeling of the phrase. It would certainly search remarkable on future-gen components. If Sq. Enix quickly gets more rapidly at remaking stuff anyway[Express].

Wild 9

I can now hear persons asking “What?”. Wild 9 is a game that just about no one particular I discuss to appear to bear in mind. It was again in the day when persons nonetheless built 2.5D game titles and it’s great. You are generally a gentleman with an electric whip who runs close to bashing enemies to a messy pulp towards partitions and floors.

It may well not search like significantly, but have faith in me this is a enjoyable game and never fail to remember Medievil 2 after seemed like this. | Source: YouTube

Also, it was manufactured by the correct identical persons who built Earth Worm Jim which looks to have additional of a cult next. Wild 9 may well not have the identical animation design, but even with unsightly polygons it has a large amount of identity. Additionally, in this day and age, we will need to see additional 2.5D game titles appear again once again.

Coronary heart of Darkness

No, this is not a PS1 game dependent on the film or guide. Coronary heart of Darkness is a cinematic platformer directed by Eric Chahi, the gentleman guiding Yet another Globe(Out of This Globe in NA).

Coronary heart of Darkness was a fantastic game with some fantastic animation. | Source: YouTube

It is a rather dim, and brutally tricky, platformer in the identical design as Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee. Apart from in Oddworld you are a peculiar creature who turns into motes of light when you die. Below you are a youthful child who gets eaten alive, drowned, squashed and 100 other grotesque items that should not be taking place to a child.

As you can likely notify Coronary heart of Darkness is as brutal in tone as it is in problems. If Medievil 2 is truly worth a remake, this dim gem certainly is.

So there you have it, 3 underrated PS1 game titles that I think are deserving of remakes. This does not even scratch the floor of all the fantastic ps1 titles out there.

This write-up was edited by Samburaj Das.

Final modified: February 8, 2020 3:19 PM UTC