Vimee: Currency Of The Future

Vimee: Currency Of The Future

Modern technology has been on the rise for the past few decades. Every day we come across new concepts and ideas on how to change the world and make it a “better place.” One such concept that has recently become famous is the blockchain technology. If you have been keeping track of investments and banking, then you might have encountered the words “blockchain,” and “bitcoin” quite often.

The famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin functions based on the blockchain technology. This technology is not rocket science. It is merely a concept that works on blocks of data linked with each other in a chain-like format. The security behind blockchain is groundbreaking, and hence this technology holds the potential to change networking as we know it today.


Difference Between Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Blockchain is simply a concept of technology on which cryptocurrency works. This technology serves as a ledger that is distributed and forms the network. Based on this system, the network creates a method for secure transactions; this process enables the transferring of information and value.

Cryptocurrencies are tokens that are used inside the network. These currencies are mere tools on the blockchain network, which serve as a resource or utility function. Its other applications are to digitize the value of any asset.

Cryptocurrency is just a part of a major ecosystem of the blockchain network. This is a free and highly secure network that runs on the true definition of democracy. This currency is one of the only means through which anyone can perform a transaction on this decentralized network. Without the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency will have no meaning.


What Is Vimee?

Vimee is based on the same technology as the bitcoin. This is a peer-to-peer internet currency that lets people make extremely low-cost payments to anyone in the world instantly. Vimee works on an open-source, decentralized network that makes global payments possible. Since it functions exactly like the bitcoin, fast transaction confirmation is achieved easily.

Vimee is actually a mobile cryptocurrency wallet and social media platform. This platform’s primary goal is to make an online wallet where anyone can receive and send cryptocurrency directly from their app (platform). Vimee users are given various features where they can interact and socialize through the app directly and send each other Vimee coins. This groundbreaking use of blockchain technology can make cryptocurrency very accessible and easy to obtain.

With the decentralized network in place, Vimee aims to be the main currency for everyday use. Because the blockchain platform functions well on mobile Vimee can eventually become the most used cryptocurrency in the world.


To Sum It Up

Vimee has achieved the simplicity of a centralized social media platform in a decentralized network giving it the security and safety everyone deserves. Due to this, Vimee, for the first time, has made an attempt to introduce cryptocurrency through social media.