2K Games Should’ve Enable WWE 2K20 Die With New Year’s Bug

  • New Year’s bug prompted widespread WWE 2K20 crash.
  • Bug reportedly connected to yr change from 2019 to 2020.
  • Situation signifies most current chapter in on-heading catastrophe.

To usher in the New Year, 2K Games beleaguered and bug-ridden wrestling title, WWE 2K20, experienced a somewhat unlikely bug. In a weird time warp back again to the switch of the century, an mistake uncannily related to the famed Y2K bug achieved gamers hoping to start any of the game’s modes.

WWE 2K20 2020 Bug

Stories surfaced from gamers across the globe and on Computer, PlayStation 4, and Xbox suggesting the difficulty was widespread.

Complaints appeared to pinpoint the passage from 2019 to 2020 as the perpetrator, elevating worries that a coding mistake connected to the yr 2020 was accountable.

A variety of sources had been equipped to rectify the issue by turning back again the date on their devices by a solitary working day, even more adding fat to the theory. The irony was not dropped to lots of onlookers specified the game’s titular one-way links to 2020.

In uncharacteristically fast fashion, 2K Games manufactured a repair late yesterday available by restarting the sport that seems to have fixed the crashes.

Source: Twitter

From Negative To Worse

A bevy of bugs and challenges have plagued WWE 2K20 due to the fact start. Buggy sport enjoy animations, actually horrifying graphical glitches that observed character versions morph into ugly aberrations of sinew and flesh, and missing assets outlined the sport for lots of.

The circumstance was dire ample for Sony to issue no-concerns-requested refunds to displeased gamers.

In spite of 2K Games assertions that it would repair the challenges, successive patches haven’t manufactured everything resembling a long lasting solution.

Users of developer Visual Ideas reportedly lined up to go away the firm in the wake of WWE 2K20’s sketchy start.

2K Missed A Trick

Aside from concerns about how these types of a rudimentary bug located its way into a AAA title at all, 2K Games skipped a trick by reviving a sport that is currently on existence assistance. Merely allowing the sport die, swept up by the winds of moments – pretty basically – would have been a fitting conclude to the catastrophe of WWE 2K20.

As a substitute, 2K’s wrestling-shaped Frankenstein trudges into 2020 bloodied and broken.

This short article was edited by Samburaj Das.