Interview with the Developer Who Created the Blockchain Video game “Deal Servant”

Junji Oshita president and CEO of AXEL MARK Inc & Developer of the blockchain activity “CONTRACT SERVANT – CARD Video game-” Kazuyuki Tanaka was interviewed by Yuki Haraguchi from Coinpost.

I interviewed Junji Oshita, president and CEO of AXEL MARK Inc., developer of the blockchain activity “CONTRACT SERVANT – CARD Video game-” and Kazuyuki Tanaka, activity producer, to come across out why they released a business in the blockchain activity marketplace, their difficulties, and long term prospective buyers.

AXEL MARK Inc. was mentioned on TSE Moms in 2008. It ideas, develops, and operates smartphone games, on line advertisement which include advert community, and web services called “and Experience” which include an on line lottery services.

I requested this mentioned firm who has produced social games about the present setting of the activity marketplace and the prospective buyers of blockchain games.

Variations in the existing activity marketplace

Oshita: Mobage and Gree (Japanese gaming businesses) experienced competed with each other in the Japanese gaming marketplace. Having said that, when I realized, enormous abroad activity businesses have been born just one after one more aiming for the Japanese marketplace.

In other words, Japanese social activity businesses are like people today in “Attack on Titan” (Japanese Manga title) surrounded by partitions, and when they observed, the giants peeked within the wall.

When I assumed about the long term of games, I experienced a sense that there is business probable in the spot of ​​blockchain x activity. So I have been working on it for about two decades.

Tanaka: I have been included in the activity marketplace for about seven decades. As for blockchain games, I started on a whole scale from a yr and a 50 % back. In the beginning, numerous blockchain games consist of scams and challenges, so I experienced the impact that it was normal for the marketplace to have trouble escalating.

Dependent on this viewpoint, we would like to supply respectable and playable blockchain games to buyers who are not acquainted with blockchain games and who are fascinated in them.

Video game x Expenditure

Difficulties and how to get over them

Oshita: Now, innovators and early adopters are the major buyers, but it is quite crucial to popularize our services. This is our problem and we require to get over it.

Additional particularly, there are 2 difficulties: wallet and financial commitment.

Concerning wallets, the problem is to lessen hurdles of being familiar with the program and installing them. For this, if we can combine the wallet app with Dapps, or if buyers can log in to the games from a system like LINE, we feel we can popularize our services drastically since buyers are capable to engage in the games with out taking into consideration the wallet.

Concerning the financial commitment, there are three difficulties. To start with of all, building buyers think about NFT (non-fungible tokens) in the identical way as existing financial commitment targets. It is similar to shopping for and offering artwork. For art, record (story) these kinds of as who has owned it is crucial. In NFT, goods in the games can be truly worth far more than the original worth if a story will come out similar to, “My card is the just one that was set in the deck of the legendary participant who gained the 1st tournament”.

The upcoming just one is to make buyers realize NFT is an asset like the existing financial commitment targets. Buyers can generate cash by leasing the cards they have in the identical way as the situation in actual estate where by the entrepreneurs can hire the land and make cash.

Lastly, it is to do away with info asymmetry. “Asset Analyzer” which we released most recently visualizes earlier transactions and rate transitions so that everyday people today can quickly see the info engraved on the blockchain. We assume we can popularize our services with this.

What is special about enchantment of Deal Servants (mother nature of the activity)?

Mr. Tanaka: The major theme of Deal Servant is to embody the variety of NFT. In preceding games, each character experienced the identical toughness, but with NFT, all cards which include kinds with the identical designs are given a sturdy characteristic these kinds of as substantial attack electric power and substantial HP. It is designed to make the activity characteristic. A card which is not beneficial to you could possibly be beneficial to anyone else.

In addition, blockchain games on the marketplace so far have been significantly less entertaining, but in our activity, for illustration, the tower mode can be appreciated by buyers who have no financial commitment goal since it has entertaining features of games like Shogi.

There are hundreds and hundreds of cards on the marketplace, and it is a activity that you can aim on and appreciate how far you want to raise and increase worth to the cards you own.

Card worth development and balance adjustment

With the growth of blockchain games, so-called sturdy figures are trading at substantial costs in the NFT token marketplace these kinds of as OpenSea. In the meantime, in Deal Servant, all cards in circulation have different techniques, and you can not come across the identical card any place else in the globe.

In most conventional blockchain games, sturdy figures with fantastic techniques are likely to have substantial marketplace costs due to the constrained range of cards, but in the contract servant program, these kinds of a situation is not likely to come about.

It seems tough to change the activity balance and produce worth, but what kind of goal is there, and what is the mechanism that tends to make this attainable?

Ensuring liquidity

Mr. Oshita: We area great importance on liquidity, and we cherish a mechanism that accelerates on far more liquidity compared to other blockchain games.

In the contract servant, it is designed to make it simpler to produce fluidity. You can make your own deck with 8 cards, but you can not specify the get in which the card will act. Due to the fact the get of steps is identified for the cards themselves, a scenario occurs where by even a sturdy card are unable to be made use of for your deck, and you want to set a sturdy card that does not fit your deck into the marketplace.

How did you control to change the activity balance whilst each experienced its own toughness?

Mr. Tanaka: That was really hard to reach. By truly building a simulator resource and turning the range, we managed to balance it so that the card with a successful percentage would not appear out, and the successful percentage would be about 50% for all cards.

Mr. Oshita: We are heading to operate hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of thousands of tests in the simulator right before putting it on the marketplace, and repeat the identical approach for each new card.

About pre-sale

December 5th, the pre-sale specifics have been exposed. Ethereum will be made use of as payment possibility.

Pre-sale interval: December 18, 2019 (Wed) 15:00 (GMT+9h) ~ December 27, 2019 (Fri) 15:00 (GMT+9h)

How will it be held?

Mr. Tanaka: Pre-sale will be held in Dutch auction structure. Medium reveals far more specifics remember to have a search.

In the pre-sale, you will be capable to buy cards that can only be obtained in the pre-sale –  3 styles of Famous, 4 styles of Epic, and 5 styles of Rare.

In addition, for pre-sale individuals, there will also be a campaign where by you can get tickets that can be exchanged for Epic Servants “Jill” or in-activity avatars by lottery.

Due to the fact we are not setting up any resales, these will be constrained cards that can only be obtained in the course of constrained income. (for far more specifics, click on listed here)

ARD Get hold of Servant-KAARTSPEL-(abbreviation: Conservator)

The blockchain activity “conserve”  is a new type of tactical battle activity in which the consumer is essential to be capable to just take “deck strategy” and see the legitimate worth of the card called the survivor.

All servants on the marketplace have different traits, and no servant has the identical position. The consumer prepares a deck by building up a deck with 8 selected cards. There are around 1,255.4 billion combos.

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