Bernie Sanders Proves He is Practically nothing Special With Minor League Baseball Stance

  • Bernie Sanders is a rarity among politicians in that he truly seems to be a likable particular person that genuinely cares about the persons.
  • That message arrives throughout in his current speech condemning an MLB proposal to eradicate 42 MiLB teams.
  • But does he truly care about those teams and their admirers, or is it just operate-of-the-mill political grandstanding?

Bernie Sanders is a likable man. He is sensible, properly-spoken, and genuinely seems to care about the average particular person. Also a lot of politicians look to target on wherever the income arrives from, like rich donors and properly-funded interest groups. Sanders focuses on everyone else.

That is why he is beloved by a lot of. He is a politician that suggests he cares about the persons, but unlike most politicians, he’s believable.

Due to the fact of that, he does not appear to be like the vast majority of politicians that we see. That makes him a breath of fresh new air when it arrives to politics, a deviation from the norm that the nation demands.

But with his current pandering to minor league baseball admirers, he proves that he is not that man. Instead, he shows us that he is just like every single other politician out there by hoping to use baseball for political achieve.

Bernie Sanders Sounds Off On Billionaire MLB Homeowners

For those that have been much too busy watching football and basketball, MLB and MiLB are obtaining some issues. The romance among the two are governed by an settlement renegotiated every single 10 years.

Ordinarily, the talks go off without a hitch, the settlement receives renewed, and it is company as common. But that has not been the scenario this time. Things have gotten contentious ample that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has threatened to dissolve the romance completely.

Even though it would under no circumstances materialize, Sanders determined to consider the option to force his socialist agenda and politics onto baseball:

The mother nature of the disagreement among MLB and MiLB aside, this speech from Sanders shows that he is just like every single other politician out there. There is a single surefire way politicians can get their identify out among the typical community – act like they are hoping to protect the integrity of skilled sporting activities.

What they say or do will most likely have no effect on the problem. But mainly because they reported it, they get brownie factors from the typical community. When the typical community votes, maybe they vote for them considering that their identify is acquainted.

Politics As Common

It happened again in 2005 when Congress held hearings on the use of steroids in baseball. The politicians that participated seemed great to their constituents mainly because they ended up talking out towards cheaters and drug consumers in baseball.

But did everything of substance come from the hearings? Indeed, maybe they did have an effect on MLB instituting a stricter coverage on steroid use. Really don’t politicians have extra important, extra significant issues to offer with? Things extra appropriate to their employment?

Couldn’t their time and our tax dollars have been improved used performing other factors? Indeed, but the persons do not shell out attention to most issues like they do skilled sporting activities.

So, if you want to seem great, you have to consider the option wherever it arises. Bernie Sanders acknowledged that perception during the 2005 steroid hearings – and took advantage of it:

It was great to see a politician realize the problem and advocate for attention to other things—but then he went on to ‘grandstand’ anyway like every single other politician in the place.

He did it then, and he is performing it now.

This posting was edited by Gerelyn Terzo.