There’s a Second Token: A Breakdown of Facebook’s Blockchain Overall economy

Essentially, Facebook is launching two cryptocurrencies.

As element of Tuesday’s huge expose of the social network’s formidable prepare to create a international fiat-backed blockchain forex, Facebook mentioned that in addition to Libra, the challenge will also issue a “Libra investment token.”

Not like Libra – a forex that will be broadly accessible to the public – the investment token is a security, according to Facebook. As this sort of, the token will be offered to a much extra exclusive viewers: the founding corporate members of the project’s governing consortium, acknowledged as the Libra Affiliation, and accredited traders.

And while Libra will be backed by a basket of fiat currencies and government securities, interest acquired on that collateral will go to holders of the investment tokens.

As previously documented ahead of the formal announcement, every single of the 28 businesses that Facebook recruited to run validating nodes as founding members of the consortium invested at least $10 million for the privilege. The investment token is what they been given as a monetary reward.

But that reward will only be significant if the network can take off.

“Because the belongings in the reserve are minimal chance and minimal yield, returns for early traders will only materialize if the network is thriving and the reserve grows considerably in dimensions,” Facebook mentioned in one particular of a sequence of paperwork that nutritional supplement the lengthy-awaited Libra white paper.

More, the tokens will give holders proportional clout in the early governance of Libra. An trader who purchases the tokens does not have to run a node, but except they do, they don’t get to vote as members.


The Libra Affiliation, a not-for-gain firm based in Switzerland, will have several layers of governance, the most powerful of which is a council, on which every single member firm will have a representative.

“The council delegates quite a few of its government powers to the association’s management but retains authority to override delegated selections and retain key selections to by itself, with the most significant ones demanding a increased than two-thirds supermajority,” according to an additional supplementary document launched by Facebook.

As pointed out, to become a member, the initial traders need to put in at least $10 million. In addition, a organization need to satisfy at least one particular of several elite standards, this sort of as currently being on a list like the Fortune 500.

For every $10 million invested, a member gets one particular vote, subject matter to a cap of 1 p.c of overall votes, in get to avert the concentration of energy in any one entity. Even so, the monetary reward continues to be proportional to the amount of money invested no subject how much.

The council will be dependable for standard governance issues, this sort of as appointing an government team for the association, led by a managing director, and a board of administrators to oversee them placing the top rated executive’s compensation and managing the currency’s fundamental reserves.

But the entire body will also have last say around technical questions, this sort of as activating new options to the protocol and resolving predicaments “where compromised validator nodes have resulted in quite a few signed versions of the Libra Blockchain,” according to the document.

When Facebook’s recently developed Calibra subsidiary will be a consortium member with a council seat, the social network stressed it won’t be in cost for lengthy.

“Once the Libra network launches, Facebook, and its affiliate marketers, will have the very same commitments, privileges, and monetary obligations as any other Founding Member,” the organization mentioned. “As one particular member between quite a few, Facebook’s purpose in governance of the association will be equivalent to that of its friends.”


The exact parts of the basket of belongings securing Libra are to be identified. But broadly, it will be “structured with money preservation and liquidity in thoughts,” according to the social media huge.

Importantly, while the coin has been explained in early press coverage as a stablecoin, Facebook observed that “from the stage of check out of any unique forex, there will be fluctuations in the worth of Libra.”

Fairly than a preset peg, the notion is to avert bitcoin-style volatility:   

“The makeup of the reserve is created to mitigate the likelihood and severity of these fluctuations, especially in the damaging course (i.e., even in financial crises).”

In this way, Libra will operate extra like a forex board this sort of as Hong Kong’s somewhat than a central bank.

The collateral will consist of “bank deposits and government securities in currencies from secure and trustworthy central banking companies,” according to Facebook. The latter will be constrained to “financial debt from secure governments … that are not likely to practical experience large inflation.”

Fairly than placing all its financial debt eggs into any one basket, no subject how creditworthy, “the reserve has been diversified by picking several governments, somewhat than just one particular.”

To make absolutely sure it can quickly increase money by selling this paper, it will all be “short-dated securities issued by these governments, that are all traded in liquid markets.”

When the composition of the basket may perhaps transform around time, Facebook mentioned, the forex will constantly be thoroughly backed, discouraging “runs on the bank” that can materialize with fractional reserve institutions.

Compliance and privacy

To comply with anti-dollars-laundering restrictions that have to have traceability of funds, transactions on the Libra blockchain will be unencrypted, “like quite a few other blockchains, so it is attainable for third functions to do evaluation to detect and penalize fraud,” Facebook mentioned.

In other phrases, it appears that there will be no use of cryptographic mechanisms this sort of as zero-awareness proofs, applied to obscure transaction details in privacy-focused cash this sort of as zcash.

If that raises privacy fears (especially provided Facebook’s very own track record with user information), the organization is providing similar assurances to these Satoshi Nakamoto gave in the 2008 bitcoin white paper.

Image from the bitcoin white paper.

“Individuals or companies will operate on the Libra Blockchain by way of user accounts, which are dissociated from their authentic-environment identity,” Facebook mentioned. “Only information pertinent to every single transaction, this sort of as the public address of the sender and receiver, the timestamp, and the transaction amount of money, are recorded and publicly visible.”

Data storage

Appearing to address fears about Facebook’s observe file with user information, organization literature launched Tuesday was blunt: “Calibra will not share account information or monetary information with Facebook, Inc. or any third bash with no purchaser consent,” incorporating:

“Calibra customers’ account information and monetary information will not be applied to enhance advert focusing on on the Facebook, Inc. family members of merchandise.”

There are, even so, “limited cases” in which information may perhaps be shared, the document states, relating to the company’s “need to retain folks secure, comply with the legislation, and offer basic performance to the folks who use Calibra.”

As element of its user practical experience, the app will allow folks to import Facebook contacts to their Calibra wallets, to make sending funds straightforward. Even so, this feature will be opt-in, somewhat than computerized.

The organization does intend to use aggregated Facebook information to inform upgrades for its merchandise, together with regional use statistics for checking adoption charges.

“If a person fraudulently gains access to your account and you get rid of some Libra as a end result, we’ll offer you you a refund,” the launch mentioned. Password restoration will also be a feature, Facebook officers told CoinDesk.

Though the launch observed that Facebook is “still early in the course of action of producing Calibra,” the product’s aim is obvious: to be “safe, private and straightforward to use for absolutely everyone.”

Nikhilesh De contributed reporting.

Facebook graphic via Shutterstock