ConsenSys-Backed Rhombus Reveals New Merchandise for Ethereum Builders

Rhombus has launched new products built to enable further connect decentralized, ethereum-based blockchain programs to real-environment information, the startup announced this weekend.

Disclosed at the ongoing ethereum conference ETHDenver, the blockchain-based “oracle” services will now assist forex pairs, asset pricing and blockchain community information. These products can be applied for absolutely free by developers competing in the annual ETHDenver hackathon.

Co-founder and COO of Rhombus Jeff Rosen described to CoinDesk:

“For smart contracts [on ethereum] to do most of the intriguing things we want them to do, they have to have some link to the real environment. Blockchains in and of themselves do not have that link. Oracles are a way to securely bring real environment information to the blockchain.”

CEO Rhombus Doug von Kohorn explained the oracles can transform US dollar exchange rates into British pound, euro and Japanese yen rates. In addition, hourly up to date inventory rates for important companies this sort of as Amazon and Tesla have been also highlighted, among a host of other new releases.

Expecting developers at ETHDenver to request new and customized-constructed oracles through the meeting, both of those Rosen and von Kohorn explained they are psyched to enable facilitate the jobs that will be designed this weekend.

At the exact time, Rhombus also launched three decentralized programs that leverage their oracle technologies.

One particular of these programs allows a recurring ethereum payment pegged to the US dollar, an additional will allow buyers to obtain for each-minute subscriptions to are living video clip streams and a 3rd software leverages gold rate quotes to facilitate asset buying and selling.

“Subscriptions will be killer [decentralized] applications … Why really should [people] be waiting for a paycheck just about every two months when they can have their payment dripped just about every 2nd in excess of two months?” posited Rosen.

Rhombus is backed by ethereum undertaking cash studio Consensys who – alongside with companies this sort of as MakerDAO, Status.IM and POA Network – are important sponsors of this weekend’s hackathon occasion.

Doug von Kohorn picture by Christine Kim