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Russia’s Blockchain E-Vote Participants May Have Had Their Private Data Leaked

Personal data for over a million Russian nationals has reportedly been leaked. The data allegedly belongs to some of the citizens who participated...

One of Ripple’s Co-Founders is Spending a Fortune Installing Cameras in San Francisco

Crypto mogul and Ripple co-founder, Chris Larsen, paid over $4 million to install 1,000 high-definition cameras on the streets of San Francisco. He...

Unitize Conference Covers Ground, Mulls Blockchain Adoption and DeFi

Retail and enterprise blockchain adoption trends dominated the discussions on days three and four of the ongoing virtual conference Unitize, organized by BlockShow...

Bitcoin News Roundup for July 10, 2020

With the price of BTC headed down and the Fed’s largest balance sheet decline in 11 years, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily is back for...

Cardano Creator Compares Criticism of Project to ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’

In his most recent video, Charles Hoskinson frets that massive egos and bitter conflicts threaten to undermine the cryptocurrency community. But, with a...