Belgian Finance Watchdog Ups Record of Suspected Crypto Scams to 131

Belgium’s fiscal sector regulator has issued a refreshing warning above suspected cryptocurrency fraud sites, bringing its managing checklist to 131 domains.

On Tuesday, the Monetary Products and services and Markets Authority extra 9 domains – together with,,,, and so,,, and – to the checklist of crypto buying and selling platforms with “signs of fraud.”

The update will come next stories from Belgian consumers who fell victim to the frauds, the company explained.

The FSMA mentioned that the anatomy of these types of frauds carries on to be the same, with scammers promising riches in quick measures, irrespective of prior information of cryptocurrencies. But, it warned, “In the conclusion, the outcome is normally the same: the victims come across themselves unable to recover their dollars!”

The regulator says frauds continue on to arise, irrespective of its past warnings.

The domains have not been shut down or blacklisted by the regulator. Whilst this has happened in the past – for case in point, coin mixing company was shuttered this past spring by many European authorities – the FSMA does not have the skill to shut down web pages it suspects of fraud.

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