Maker Foundation Tried and Failed to Sign-up ‘DEFI’ Trademark

In a bid to retain the decentralized finance room no cost of fraud artists, DeFi ecosystem Maker tried to trademark the phrase “DEFI.”

In accordance to the United States Patent and Trademark Business office (USPTO), the Maker Ecosystem Progress Foundation registered a trademark software for DEFI previous January. Slang for ‘decentralized finance,’ the trademark was not granted and Maker is no extended seeking the software.

The submitting defined DEFI as a source for “online forex marketplace services, namely, supplying a marketplace for investing digital assets.”

The Maker Foundation services a decentralized finance ecosystem consisting of two ERC-20 tokens, the dai (DAI) stablecoin and maker (MKR).

Speaking with CoinDesk, Maker states they tried to trademark the term for the betterment of the ecosystem:

“The Maker Foundation used to trademark “DeFi” with the purpose of building it freely readily available for the entire neighborhood to use whilst also protecting the trademark from staying captured by lousy actors. We saw other initiatives seeking to trademark “stablecoin” and didn’t want that to materialize in this article as effectively.

It’s vital to know that the Maker Foundation has not been granted the trademark for DeFi and will no extended go after the mark. We have an understanding of that the neighborhood is able of protecting itself. We apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding.”

Maker’s Not Alone

Below latest legislation, the responsibility of defending emblems falls on the holder of the trademark. Maker, then, would have held the responsibility to protect its trademark in the court docket of community opinion.

Speaking with CoinDesk, option DeFi protocol Dharma applauded the effort:

“We’re glad that Maker took the ways to reduce rent-seekers from exploiting what is evidently a neighborhood-pushed meme,” reported Dharma’s Max Bronstein. “The phrase ‘DeFi’ was often meant to be owned and operated by the neighborhood, and it’s excellent that one of the most truthful teams in the room has the lawful sources essential to guard the movement’s integrity.

Variety of DeFi Solutions Rising

Latest visual representations from Alethio exhibit the explosion of decentralized finance products in excess of the previous nine months.








DeFi protocols can supply a wide range of products, from lending to borrowing to investing.

Even though the number of products is developing, Maker nevertheless retains a aggressive edge in phrases of ether locked up in contracts. The quantity of resources locked in contracts can be used as a proxy of desire for DeFi products.

As of August 23, Maker held some 1.4 million ether in contracts worthy of an believed $272 million at push time. Comparatively, option protocol Compound held some $102 million locked in ether contracts.

Maker impression through CoinDesk archives