It really is Time for Local Governments to Guide the Way on Blockchain

Politician Received Hee-ryong is the existing governor of South Korea’s Jeju province.

The next is an exclusive contribution to CoinDesk’s 2018 12 months in Critique. It has been translated to English from Korean. 

2018 year in review

Though there are difficulties with blockchain that need to be solved, there is a increasing consensus about the technology’s fantastic opportunity. Blockchain is a disruptive know-how that is not limited to any individual industry, and it has a huge vary of programs such as finance, logistics, drugs and intellectual property rights.

Combining blockchain with cryptocurrencies is an unavoidable phase to absolutely benefit from the technology’s opportunity. Blockchain lends creditability to cryptocurrencies, while cryptocurrencies empower a numerous vary of organization models that can help to generate blockchain’s progress.

Having said that, the new support models enabled by cryptocurrencies conflict with existing economic and economical methods. This is specifically genuine of original coin offerings (ICOs), exactly where cryptocurrency is issued in the early stages of a blockchain organization to elevate money.

Nations about the earth are grappling with the problem of how to draw up legislation and institutions to take care of this conflict. A lot of nations around the world are enacting independent methods to control cryptocurrencies and ICOs, or making an attempt to bring ICOs underneath the umbrella of existing institutions by the interpretation of securities legislation.

In Korea, all forms of ICOs have been banned considering the fact that September last calendar year. Having said that, considering the fact that no apparent follow-up laws has been enacted, cryptocurrencies and ICOs are still to be effectively built-in into the sector. The uncertainty brought on by this situation has left lots of organizations to shift abroad, top to a decrease in the domestic business.

Against this track record, I spoke with the central authorities and the Blue Household on two situations in August this calendar year to make a official recommendation of turning Jeju into a specific blockchain zone.

In buy to attain this, I stay concerned in performing degree negotiations with the central authorities by the Ministry of Financial state and Finance, Economical Services Fee and the Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Local Action, National Vision

When it will come to the blockchain business, Jeju Province’s principal intention is figuring out and advertising and marketing a variety of blockchain initiatives by cooperation concerning the public and personal sectors.

Jeju is at present concerned in negotiations to introduce blockchain in a number of fields such as website traffic management, VAT refunds to international visitors and the management of scrap batteries. In general, we thinks that supporting the personal sector to make a variety of support models is preferable to investing taxpayer cash to make a blockchain elaborate and deliver expert services led by the public sector.

Jeju Province’s next initiative is establishing a apparent established of benchmarks for cryptocurrencies and their issuance. This does not suggest indiscriminate authorization for ICOs or calming polices. Rather, Jeju’s intention is to establish apparent polices and benchmarks for ICOs in the boundaries of the region, and permit ICOs for healthful organizations.

To attain this, Jeju seeks to consider gain of its exclusive legal posture underneath the ‘Jeju Distinctive Regulation.’

As a no cost worldwide town, Jeju aims to use its institutional autonomy to make a specific regulatory zone for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which characterize new global industries and involve an institutional basis.

A regional specific blockchain zone has two most important pros. The first is adaptability. As lots of unique ICO models are rolling out such as STO, IEO and DAICO, and the ‘token economy’ is evolving promptly, a versatile regional approach is additional conducive to enacting ideal polices while engaging in regulatory experimentation than laws on a nationwide degree.

Evolving At the Market’s Speed

The next gain we would have as a specific blockchain zone is speed. The nationwide legislative procedure is cumbersome and time-consuming.

On the other hand, if area governments are granted the authority to make their personal principles and benchmarks, ordinances can be enacted rapidly to decrease sector uncertainties in a short time period of time. To foster the area business, Jeju aims to consider gain of this adaptability and speed to established up apparent benchmarks and polices on cryptocurrencies and their issuance.

Why are we going now? From a extensive-phrase perspective, we are at the point exactly where overheated anticipations have settled down, and the sector can be considered from a additional rational standpoint, making this the appropriate time to establish correct institutions for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Of course, the blockchain and cryptocurrency marketplaces are cooling down promptly thanks to a sharp decrease in cryptocurrency charges not long ago. The number of ICO initiatives is also falling at a significant amount. Cryptocurrency skeptics believe that that the existing trend will eventually lead to the demise of cryptocurrencies, as they have no inherent benefit.

Having said that, other people believe that that the existing situation basically represents the close of unrealistic anticipations, and that the know-how has now entered the “death valley” phase of the hype circle.

Through this procedure, smaller but versatile innovations on a regional degree can help to decrease the load of creating nationwide methods and deliver a favourable feeling of way.

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