Waves 1.0 Release Claims ‘Most Powerful Platform In Existence’

Blockchain platform Waves is gearing up to release its “totally redesigned” version 1.0 Wednesday after an 18-month development phase.

A press release issued today gives extensive details of the token launcher and wallet’s redesign, something Waves describes as making it “the most powerful and user-friendly Blockchain platform in existence.”

The fanfare surrounding the release began last month after a stress test of the forthcoming new technology called Waves NG successfully completed.

Waves NG aims to address the issue of Blockchain reliability under heavy loads, occurring during events such as token distribution.

Continuing about the new Waves, meanwhile, Ivanov focused on usability by the increasing numbers of entry-level businesses looking to understand Blockchain’s benefits.

“Our frontend developers have succeeded in creating an information-rich UI that is nevertheless uncluttered and unthreatening, rendering it perfect for newcomers and crypto-experts alike,” he said.

Waves has come on leaps and bounds in its native jurisdiction this year, achieving regulatory advantages at a time when Russia’s long-term angle on Blockchain and cryptocurrency remained uncertain. The platform has also made inroads internationally.

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